Vanilla Bean

$ 15

Nothing beats the delicious flavor of real vanilla. Delightfully smooth, sweet, and aromatic without a chemical aftertaste like most artificially flavored vanilla coffees. Freshly ground vanilla beans from Madagascar are combined with specialty coffee beans that were specifically chosen based on their naturally sweet vanilla & bourbon flavors.

    Specialty-Grade Arabica Coffee
    INGREDIENTS Freshly ground coffee, natural vanilla
    ROAST LEVEL Medium Roast
    GROUND LEVEL Universal grind (perfect for electric drip coffee makers & coffee presses)
    PRODUCT SIZE 12 oz. (Makes 24 cups of coffee)


    • 100% Real ingredients (never using mysterious flavor 'oils' or syrups)
    • 100% Responsibly & ethically sourced, we only import from small scale farms that & our importers know personally. We call it 'relationship coffee' and you can learn more about it on our FAQ page.
    • 100% Arabica high altitude coffee
    • Hand roasted & ground in small batches right before it arrives at your door


    • Our coffee tastes great made in a French press. If using a drip coffee maker, we recommend using a gold, wire, or mesh filter. We do not recommend using a paper filter in coffee makers. The best result is reached when you brew on your machine’s strongest setting – for many machines this is the 1-4 cup setting.
    • Our coffee also tastes delicious cold! To make iced coffee, brew coffee normally and then place in fridge for 1-2 hours (or overnight). Once cold, pour over ice & enjoy or try adding it to your morning protein shake or smoothie for an extra kick.
    • Jump start your day with a delicious Vanilla Bean Coffee smoothie. Add your coffee (preferably cold) in a blender with ice, almond or coconut milk, banana, and protein powder (optional).
    • Try a Vanilla Bean Coffee Affogato for dessert! Scoop ice cream or gelato (we like vanilla, chocolate chip or hazelnut) into a bowl and pour 4 oz of strongly brewed coffee on top! You can even add 4 ounces of liqueur, such as sambuca, amaretto, or Frangelico (optional)