Cinnamon Chocolate Cacao Ground Coffee - Available on Amazon

$ 15

Organic cacao nibs (the raw form of chocolate, from the cacao bean) combined with cinnamon and an extremely smooth organic ground coffee blend. These specialty beans were selected due to their inherently rich & chocolatey flavor notes, adding in cacao nibs and sweet cinnamon take this coffee to a whole new level. Cacao is also extremely high in natural antioxidants so it's an indulgence without the guilt!

    COFFEE USDA organic Arabica coffee
    INGREDIENTS Freshly ground coffee, organic cacao nibs, cinnamon
    ROAST LEVEL Medium-Dark Roast
    GROUND LEVEL Universal grind (perfect for any type of coffee maker: electric drip, pour-over, French Press, or even a stove top espresso maker)
    PRODUCT SIZE 12 oz. per bag (Makes 24 cups of coffee)