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We are honored to bring delicious flavor to your mornings.

“I love that Via Bom Dia uses Organic coffee beans and 100% real ingredients to flavor their coffee, you can taste the difference!” - Megan Roosevelt, RD, Founder of HealthyGroceryGirl.com 


 I used Via Bom Dia coffee (in my brownie recipe) for it’s subtle addition of cacao nibs and cinnamon spice, but you can choose any flavor to custom tailor your brownies. I truly love this brand, since everything is sourced from small scale farms and there are no sneaky ingredients involved.

- Tara, board certified holistic health coach

The chocolate flavored one is just wonderful as a cold brewed. So smooth and flavorful without that bitter taste. We like it so much we have been drinking it black! Unusual for us as we are cream and sugar people.

- Jamie, Maryland

YES! I got the coffee, and my husband and I have SO enjoyed both flavors. We made cold brew and french press coffee so far. He's been raving about it. They are SO delicious. The flavor is subtle enough to let the coffee shine, but delicious enough to take it to the next level. 
-Laura Bruner, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified CrossFit Trainer, & owner of My Radical Roots food blog (www.myradicalroots.com)

Just thought I would let you know that i French pressed some of your Cinnamon Chocolate Cacao this afternoon — loved it! I really like how the ground coffee + flavors remind me of my favorite abuelita hot chocolate from Mexico — yum!

- Peter Economy, "The Leadership Guy" from Inc.com

I have tried all three flavors I received and love each and every one of them.  
They are definitely a ahhhhhhh moment!
I am a big coffee drinker and very particular with my brands and flavors.  
You have made my coffee experience complete!
The aroma they leave in the air is heavenly and the taste in each is perfect.  
Thanks so much for the tasteful experience, I will be purchasing more in the future.
- Debbie, Kansas

I received 2 of the bags of coffee we ordered, both are delicious!!  I am especially fond of the
"Dirty Chai", amazing!!!!  I'm looking forward to the "Chocolate Lavender" when it comes in.
Outstanding coffee. . . great job!
- Suzy, Pennsylvania
It is delicious!! We just ordered a combo pack because I really want to try the cinnamon
and the dirty chai. Thank you!!
- Katherine, Michigan
I had the dirty chai on Saturday morning and it was amazing. My husband was like WHAT is that I smell, it really is a great product."
- Erika, New York
I made it for my coworkers and they loved it. And when I say loved it...I mean they are now obsessed!
- Victoria, Miami
As a Mom to a 2 month old I found myself drinking a lot more coffee than normal.
The Cinnamon Spice is wonderful and you feel good because it's all natural.
I used to add lots of extras which added up because
I was drinking so much. I don't have to add anything now!!
- Anne, Michigan
Dirty Chai is the perfect mid-day pick-me-up!
- Katie, Michigan
I had my first cup of cinnamon chocolate cacao today. It's amazing!!!!!! Love it!!!
- Jessica, Colorado
I am in LOVE with your coffee! It is amazing! I brought it into my office and you will be getting more orders today! Everyone is in awe of the flavor and the aroma. Are you kidding me? GREAT JOB Rachel! So far we have brewed the Cinnamon Chocolate Cacao, later this afternoon we will be trying the Chipotle!
- Andrea, Michigan
I have been ordering Via Bom Dia coffee for several months now. What can I say? The coffee is great! The natural flavors of cacao nibs and cinnamon add great flavor to the coffee. I usually don't like flavored coffee but this stuff has a wonderful taste. Delivery is really fast. Thank's for some great tasting coffee.
- David, New York