Dear Via Bom Dia friends,

Via Bom Dia was launched with a mission to reinvent flavored coffee.

With your support, we're doing just that but the journey has only begun.

When developing and creating our products, we aimed to create a deliciously smooth coffee that is flavored only with real ingredients. Being fully transparent about what's inside our coffee is important to us. A lot of companies take shortcuts and 'the easy way out' which a lot of times means using artificial ingredients, artificial flavoring syrups, and low-quality beans. At Via Bom Dia, we make no shortcuts. We also understand it's important to be a part of the solution, which is why we're proud to only source 'relationship coffee' from farmers we know and support: we are working towards improving the quality of life of coffee farmers around the world, one bag at a time. 

Thank you for believing in our mission, we hope you enjoy the coffee.

Have a Naturally Good Morning!




Rachel Gutierrez is a health food aficionado and an avid cook who lives in New York City. She has a passion for using spices from all around the world. Growing up in a Mexican household, she was always in the kitchen and it always smelled of delicious spices and fresh homemade food. She combines her passion for healthy living with this tradition of using natural ingredients to create new products that will help people live healthier lifestyles. With a professional background in consumer product marketing, she has spent her career dedicated to launching innovative new products for people all around the world to enjoy. She can be found talking about all things coffee and healthy living on Instagram & Facebook @ViaBomDia and on Twitter @Via_Bom_Dia