New Product Launch: Chocolate Lavender Coffee


We are excited to announce the launch of a new seasonal flavor

~ Chocolate Lavender!

Using only the highest quality & consciously sourced ingredients, we've combined organic French lavender flowers with raw cacao nibs & our delicious specialty-grade coffee from Uganda & Mexico to create this new product.
The unique taste is rich & complex, but also extremely smooth & aromatic. The lavender adds a delicate and soft taste, with a slight sweetness that is enhanced by the sweetness of the chocolate. You may think that lavender is just for relaxation, but the truth is that you can be both calm and energized, and maybe a lavender coffee is just what you need to be both productive and relaxed. 
This coffee is best enjoyed together with friends & family, bringing people back to a time when
drinking coffee signified togetherness, indulgence, and meditation.
Available now for pre-orders! The first roast will be in June.
May 12, 2015 by Rachel Gutierrez
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