What is 'Relationship Coffee'?

Helping Coffee Farmers Around the World, One Bag at a Time

Via Bom Dia products only use specialty-grade coffee beans that are classified as 'relationship coffee'. A new practice in the coffee world, these beans are even better than the 'direct trade' coffee model. It's a business practice founded on the belief that not only should you go directly to the farmer (never using a middle man), you should also partner with them to help them grow, get financing, form co-ops, or help them achieve whatever hurdle is impeding their farm's growth & prosperity. Also, by knowing the farmer personally and by buying beans directly from him, you can ensure they are being paid fare wages to support their livelihood and families.
Relationship coffee represents a unique opportunity for coffee drinkers to contribute towards the success and development of coffee-producing communities in third-world countries. It allows us to be fully transparent about where your coffee is coming from and it allows you to feel really good about the coffee you are drinking. 
Thank you for joining us on this mission to reinvent flavored coffee & to help coffee-producing farms all around the world.
Have a Bom Dia!
April 22, 2015 by Rachel Gutierrez
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