Chipotle Chocolate Ground Coffee - Available on Amazon

$ 15

Cacao nibs (the raw form of chocolate, from the cacao bean), cinnamon, & chipotle chili is combined with freshly ground coffee beans. These specialty beans were selected due to their inherently rich & chocolatey flavor notes, adding in spices creates an exotically delicious flavor.  This coffee is creamy, smooth, full-bodied, and delightfully aromatic and will have you saying Ole!

COFFEE Specialty-Grade Arabica Coffee
INGREDIENTS Freshly ground coffee, cacao nibs, cinnamon, chipotle chili, natural chocolate flavor
ROAST LEVEL Medium-Dark Roast
GROUND LEVEL Universal grind (perfect for any type of coffee maker: electric drip, pour-over, French Press, or even a stove top espresso maker)
PRODUCT SIZE 12 oz. per bag (Makes 24 cups of coffee)